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"Joneson & Michael is the type of law firm that treats the client with respect and dignity working to solve your legal issue. The professional expertise that is given by the firm makes you feel that you are the only client and not just one of many like the large law firms. I would recommend Joenson & Michael for any legal issue that would arise and you will always feel that the best legal team is working for you."    --TJRFTCollins language for couples


"I had an extremely positive experiencing using Geri Joneson as my lawyer. She was quick and reliable with her communication. She kept me informed and clearly explained the law and processes to me. I felt heard and supported the whole way through. Ultimately, we had a positive outcome. If I ever needed support from a lawyer again, Geri would be the first person I would consult with." -- heathash6

"This recommendation is for the Law firm of Joneson & Michael. I highly recommend this Law firm for any type of criminal case including protection orders. Both Geri Joneson and Rachel Michael took the time to listen and the time to care. I worked mostly with Ms. Michael and was very impressed with her level of confidence, knowledge of the law her ability to communicate effectively. Throughout what I had to go through; during this process, Ms. Michael was either a phone call or a email away and she always responded promptly and professionally. During the first hearing date, Ms. Michael and Ms. Joneson both showed up, which to see a firm care so much about their clients is beyond words. During the hearing Ms. Michael was easily granted a continuance and handled the plaintiff interjections flawlessly. She also worked very well with members of Law Enforcement and the plaintiff to desirable and fair ending for myself. I highly recommend either of these two wonderful attorneys. They without doubt take their professions very seriously and the care they have for their clients is first class." -- windflowergeo

"The legal firm of Joneson & Michael were both caring and professional. Their representation has lessened an outcome I feared to something I can easily live with. Though I will never again act out in the manner they represented me for, I would not fail to seek their counsel again." -- ds7046th

"I am writing this recommendation in Regards to Rachel Micheal. I am extremely satisfied with Rachel as my attorney throughout my case. I have always told her that she wasn't just an attorney to me, she actually cares about her clients, and that's what made such a difference. Rachel was very committed to my case, and took a personal interest in making sure that she focused on the best interest of my family first. She's not what you would normally expect from an attorney, she never treated me like I was just another "case". Rachel handled my case professionally and addressed my concerns in a respectful way. With her knowledge in regards to law, and her unique qualities, that I have never seen in an attorney, I highly recommend Rachel to anyone. I have full confidence that if anyone needs legal representation she would really help you, and truly care for your best interest loyally to the end."   --pat12978

"Geri did an excellent job of not only defending my DUI charge, but also helping me through the subsequent life hurdles unrelated to the charge. She is a strong listener and has a deep desire to help her clients. She has gone above my expectations and I know I can still count on her support."  -- Laura

"Geri Joneson is very professional in her approach to understanding the facts involved in a legal issue. Ms. Joneson explains all details concerning the issue from the outset of the relationship throughout the ongoing legal process. Geri Joneson is also quite personable in her discussions which helps to calm one's fears about the current situation and the steps involved in moving forward within the judicial system. She takes the time to explain all issues and potential outcomes which helps one analyze expectations. She listens and responds to one's concerns until one is completely satisfied with the status of the issue. Geri Joneson has an in-depth understanding of the legal system and process which highlights her experience as a top-notch attorney." -- Evanaug09

"Geri represented me well professionally. She has demonstrated personal caring in her follow up. I would highly recommend her as an attorney." --rossmh

"I HIGHLY recommend Geri Joneson! She was very helpful and made sure I understood everything that was happening. She looked out for my best interests and was very straightforward about everything. Her staff was also very helpful when she was busy or away from the office. Great overall experience and like I said I would HIGHLY recommend Geri Joneson to anyone." -- LancesWorld

"I would gladly recommend Ms. Joneson as she has represented me. I am very impressed with her professional manners and honest feedback and she has always met every need in a timely manner. I personally feel that I can openly talk with her and plan to continue to use her legal services in the future. I feel that she has been the biggest impact on my case and the outcome could have been different. I understand that to me, this can be life changing and it is most important to have the best representation." -- BPrall

"Geri is a great attorney, fair, and UNLIKE the attorney stereotype of "just wanting your money." I felt that both she and Julie, her paralegal, took a personal interest in my case, my personal well-being, and future outcome in my life. She is a busy attorney, so if she is unable to talk to you right away, it's usually because she is working for you on your case. Her rates are fair and reasonable, she is upfront and honest, and conservative in her own expectations, allowing her to exceed your expectations with promising results. In court, she seemed to be well respected by fellow colleagues which speaks a lot in her ability to perform on your behalf. Geri was recommended to me along with two other attorneys and now that my case is finished, looking back I am glad I hired Geri to represent me." -- victim2DAsystem

"I cannot praise Joneson & Michael, LLC, enough. Geri's professionalism and legal representation are unsurpassed. From our very first meeting, I felt completely comfortable and sure that my family was in the best hands. She is extremely informed not only with the law and procedures, but also with judges and her peers. I am absolutely certain that my family received the best advice and representation possible. Geri possesses all the best qualities: she is knowledgeable, educated, confident, as well as compassionate and honest. She was upfront from the beginning about what to expect and how matters would proceed, and she and her staff were always available to answer any questions or to offer support. My family and I never had to guess or worry about the next step. Geri gave us the opportunity to make an extremely stressful and terrible situation into one that was positive. If ever a need arises for an attorney, Joneson & Michael, LLC, is an excellent choice." -- Grateful

"We were recommended to Geri Joneson by a dear friend of ours and knew within 10 minutes of our first face-to-face meeting with Geri, we were in good hands. Ms. Joneson was very direct with her explanations of what our options and positions were with our legal matter. Geri was in agreement with the direction we chose and was well prepared at our hearing with the judge. We have and will continue to recommend Geri Joneson to our friends and family as a very professional attorney who also has a heart!" -- LifeDaily

"I recommend Geri Joneson to anyone who may have received a DUI/DWAI or any other kind or alcohol/drug-related ticket and the ticket was not correct. She helped 100 percent and did everything in her power to fight my case for me and show the court system that my ticket was false. She is very motivated, helpful and completely committed to a case 100 percent. I could not have asked for a better lawyer for my first time ever needing one." -- chelslousum92

"I recommend that anyone needing legal services in Northern Colorado hire Geri Joneson. She is the easiest person to work with, highly ethical, efficient and awesome at what she does! I went into my case worried I would lose my license and I came out with only a small court fee! Astounding! I cannot recommend her enough!" -- Kalirojo

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