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Fort Collins Assault Crime Attorneys

Assault charges typically occur because an argument escalates into a physical altercation. Whether you have been charged with Misdemeanor or Felony Assault, we offer a free initial consultation to discuss the charges and explain the possible penalties and any legal defenses available to you.

Assault and Harassment Charges Can Have a Significant Impact on Your Life

At Joneson & Michael, LLC, we offer more than 23 years of combined experience in the criminal justice system. Our partners, Geri Joneson and Rachel Michael, were prosecutors before becoming criminal defense attorneys.

We understand the potential penalties you face when accused of committing assault. Our legal team will act quickly to develop an aggressive defense strategy and mitigate any potential damages. While there are only slight differences between a first-degree, second-degree and third-degree offense, those are severe differences in penalties. Contact our law firm to schedule a free initial consultation and discover how we will fight to protect your rights.

Consequences of an Assault Conviction — Domestic Violence Enhancer

Whether an alleged assault is charged as a Misdemeanor or a Felony depends on the information given to law enforcement by the complaining witness, the alleged victim and any independent witnesses. The extent of any injuries sustained and whether a weapon was involved can also play a large role in the type of charges.

The sentence will be enhanced to Domestic Violence if the disputing parties have been or are involved in an intimate relationship as defined by law. The sentencing enhancer requires the accused to have a Domestic Violence evaluation and attend Domestic Violence classes/treatment as recommended by the team of evaluators.

Even a conviction for Misdemeanor third-degree assault will result in a permanent criminal record. Conviction for Felony Assault can have very serious consequences, including a mandatory sentence to the Department of Corrections. Assault is considered a "crime of violence." A conviction can hinder your opportunities for employment, leasing property and even admission into college.

Offering an Aggressive Assault Crime Defense Strategy

There are numerous sides to every story, especially in an Assault case. As your defense lawyers, we will analyze the evidence and determine if the district attorney has enough evidence to support the charges against you and ultimately obtain a conviction. Assault cases are often difficult because it is one person's word against another person's word. Sometimes it becomes necessary to have a jury decide if the person charged is guilty or innocent. It can make a difference for you to have an experienced criminal defense attorney assess your case and determine what is best for you.

The decision to take your case before a jury is one we will make together after we have thoroughly analyzed the evidence. Many cases can be resolved through a fair and reasonable plea agreement. You should be aware of the long-term consequences of any plea agreement before you accept one.

Contact a Skilled Colorado Violent Crime Defense Lawyer

We provide effective representation for people facing Felony and Misdemeanor Assault charges. Whatever your circumstances may be, you can feel confident choosing our firm, Joneson & Michael, LLC. We understand that assault charges are very serious and can have a dramatic impact on your life. Contact our office online or call 970-482-6000 for a free initial consultation with an experienced Fort Collins Assault crime defense lawyer.

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