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We Are Committed to Quality Legal Representation and Personalized Attention.

Too often, the legal system is designed to apply the same penalty to all cases regardless of the individual facts and circumstances. Not every DUI/DWAI case is the same and not every Assault case is the same. Every person charged with a criminal offense is unique and therefore, every person's case is unique. Смотрите new york nuru на сайте.

At  Joneson & Michael, LLC, in Fort Collins, Colorado, we take a very personal approach to your case. As your attorneys, we will vigorously represent your interests in court and also guide you through the legal process.  We will strive to protect your constitutional rights and assess your case in detail for any due process violations, including an unlawful search or seizure, and failure to provide Miranda warnings.

As former prosecutors we know when there is enough evidence to support the charges against you. We also know when the evidence may not support the charges. Our experience has given us the knowledge we need to address these issues with the prosecutor. We use our skills to effectively communicate with the prosecutor, to protect your rights, and to help defend you against the charges.

Working With Families

Often, the person who contacts us is not the person charged with the crime but is that person's parent, spouse, or friend. Whether it is you, a family member, or a friend who has been charged with a criminal offense, we offer a Free Initial Consultation to explain what you can expect.

In every criminal case, there are very specific procedures that you or your lawyer need to perform in order for you to avoid missing a court appearance and possibly having a warrant issued for your arrest. You must appear in court when you are ordered to unless we can appear on your behalf.

More often than not people charged with a criminal offense in Larimer County, Colorado, are placed on Pretrial Release Services as a condition of the bond.  Pretrial Release Services is a method of supervising an individual during the pendency of his or her case. There may be other conditions of your bond, such as daily or random blood or urine tests, and the need to request permission from the judge to leave the state.

It's very important to comply with all of your bond conditions. If you violate the conditions of your bond, the bond may be revoked and you might be arrested which could result in an separate criminal charge.

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Don't face criminal charges alone. To schedule a free initial consultation with us call 970-482-6000 or fill out the Contact form on this website.

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