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Fort Collins Protection Order Attorneys

In Colorado, if you have been charged with assault, chances are your bond has a "No-Contact order." This can be very serious depending on the exact language used in the protection order. Violating the "No-Contact order" can result in a separate case that is punishable with jail. Детальное описание Sonnenschutz Honda тут.

At the law firm of Joneson & Michael, LLC, we offer more than 23 years of experience defending clients in similar situations to yours. Our firm's partners, Geri Joneson and Rachel Michael, are former prosecutors committed to defending your constitutional rights. We can help you understand what restrictions have been placed against you. We know how to determine if any of the restrictions can be modified. Contact our law firm today to meet with a highly skilled Fort Collins protection order lawyer.

What Is a Protection Order?

In Colorado, protection orders are civil orders issued to stop future instances of Domestic Violence or Assault. The terms of a temporary or permanent protection order can vary greatly depending on the language of the order. Generally, protection orders seek to prevent individuals listed on the order from having verbal or physical contact with the individual who pursued the order. Protection orders are issued in civil court, but a violation of the order can result in a criminal case.

A violation of a protection order is considered a Criminal Offenses. If you violate a No-Contact order or a protection order, you could be charged with an additional offense, including violation of bail bond which carries a mandatory jail sentence. When you select our law firm, our defense lawyers are available to address your concerns, while seeking to preserve your constitutional rights.

Defending Against Allegations of Violating a No-Contact Order

We understand emotions can quickly escalate. If you were accused of violating the terms of a "No-Contact order" or a protection order, obtain experienced legal help. Our firm's defense lawyers are highly skilled at evaluating the terms of restraining orders.

Contact Our Colorado No-Contact Order Lawyers

If you are accused of violating a protection order, don't face the allegations alone. Contact Us today to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Colorado defense attorney.

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