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Why Hire a Good DUI Lawyer?

Individuals who are arrested for, charged with, or convicted of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs, face a stigma in society. The public does not look very fondly upon impaired or intoxicated drivers, nor do the prosecutors and judges. The consequences for driving under the influence are becoming more severe, resulting in punishments that can affect the rest of your life.

At Joneson & Michael, LLC, we work to protect our clients' rights after a DUI arrest. We are criminal defense attorneys who have over 23 years of combined experience handling many different types of criminal cases, including DUI and DWAI. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle DUI cases and aggressively stand up for our clients' rights. A free initial consultation is offered at our office so individuals can learn more about how we can help them with their DUI/DWAI cases.

Without a knowledgeable DUI lawyer on your side, you are alone in the process. Many people attempt to handle their DUI case on their own and find out the hard way that it was wrong thing to do; no one was looking out for them. It is better to spend the time and money to retain a competent DUI attorney to ensure that someone with experience and knowledge is there to assist your through the legal process and ensure that your rights are protected.  Also, an experienced attorney can effectively communicate with the prosecutor to reach a fair and reasonable disposition of your case. At Joneson & Michael, LLC we review your case with you at our office to make sure the law enforcement officer conducted a legal traffic stop and had probable cause to arrest you for driving under the influence. Together, we thoroughly examine the police reports and other discovery to if:

  • Probable cause existed to arrest you for DUI/DWAI
  • Determine of the breath/blood test was properly conducted properly
  • Determine if the roadside/field sobriety test were properly conducted
  • Any civil rights violations exist with respect to your arrest
  • Ther are any law enforcement procedure violations

Your best interests and future are our primary concern. It is important to us that you are treated fairly and that you receive the best possible disposition on your case.  At Joneson & Michael, LLC, we are committed to providing quality legal representation and individualized attention.  We believe that because no two clients are the same, no two DUI cases are the same.

Free Attorney Consultation

Let us help you understand why it is important to hire a good DUI lawyer after a DUI/DWAI arrest. To schedule a free initial consultation with us, call 970-482-6000 or fill out the contact form on this website.

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