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Burglary/Criminal Mischief/Trespass

Burglary and Trespass Conviction

Burglary and trespass are often charged together. If you are accused of going into someone's home or structure without permission, that can be considered trespass. If you take property that belongs to another person, that is burglary. If you have been charged with either or both of these offenses, it is wise to consult an attorney to assist you with understanding what each charge is and its possible penalties. Burglary and trespass are very serious criminal charges and both carry significant penalties.

We have 21 years of experience as prosecutors and defense attorneys in burglary and theft cases. If you or a family member has been charged with theft, burglary, or trespass, we offer a free initial consultation to explain what you can expect, possible penalties and legal defenses.

Effect of a Theft Conviction on Your future

You should never plead guilty to burglary, trespass, or a theft charge without discussing your case with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.  There are numerous possibilities to consider and each offense has distinct elements that must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt by the district attorney.

A conviction for any one of these three charges can have a devastating effect on your future. Many employers will not hire an individual who has been charged with or convicted of a "theft-related" criminal offense. A felony conviction can virtually take you out of the job market. If there is a choice to be made between you and someone without a criminal conviction, the person without the criminal conviction will undoubtedly be hired.

Sometimes these cases can be resolved through a sentence that will not result in a conviction. The sentence is much like probation; however, once you complete the terms and conditions ordered by the court, the charges will be dismissed and you won't have a conviction on your record.

Every client is unique, and every case is unique. We will thoroughly assess your case and together will tailor the most appropriate approach and defense that will help us defend you against these serious criminal charges.

As former prosecutors and experienced criminal defense attorneys, we have the ability to view a case from both sides. We listen to our clients and understand their needs and objectives. We can effectively communicate with the district attorney, which is essential in negotiating a reasonable disposition for each and every client.

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