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Fort Collins Second-Degree and First-Degree Assault Charge Attorneys

When an assault occurs, law enforcement assesses the situation from the perspective of the alleged victim, the alleged offender, and any witnesses. Law enforcement officers are forced to make quick judgment calls to determine the seriousness of the situation. A false or exaggerated statement has the potential to increase your charges from a Misdemeanor to a felony.

If you are facing second-degree or first-degree assault charges, you are also facing the possibility of a mandatory Department of Correction sentence. Therefore, it is critical for you to have an experienced defense attorney evaluate the evidence and accusations. This is a highly complicated area of Criminal Law where the evidence and accusation distinguish between Felony and Misdemeanor Charges.

Applying Our Years of Experience in the Criminal Justice System to Your Benefit

At Joneson & Michael, LLC, we offer more than 23 years of combined experience in the criminal justice system. Our law firm's partners, Geri Joneson and Rachel Michael, were prosecutors before focusing on Criminal Offenses. We know what evidence is required for a case to be charged as a Felony Assault or a Misdemeanor Assault. You can feel confident knowing we take a very personal approach when handling each case. We analyze the evidence with you to develop a strategy that is suitable for you. Contact our firm today to schedule a free initial consultation with a skilled Fort Collins defense lawyer.

Offering an Aggressive Defense Against Assault Charges

A second-degree assault conviction is punishable with Severe Penalties including mandatory prison time and parole. When the stakes are high, trust our law firm to represent you. Our firm's former prosecutors know firsthand what evidence is needed to proceed with a case. We are committed to staying ahead of the prosecution at every turn possible.

If necessary, we suggest that an investigator be retained to conduct a thorough investigation. We are also committed to making sure your version of the events does not get overlooked.

We are prepared to develop a strong defense based on any evidence that can be used in your favor. We will negotiate with the prosecution for the Assault Charges to be Reduced or modified when appropriate. You can feel confident knowing we will aggressively defend your rights throughout your case.

Contact Our Colorado Misdemeanor or Felony Assault Defense Lawyers for a Free Consultation

Don't face criminal charges alone. If you are charged with first-degree, second-three, or third-degree assault, trust our law firm for an aggressive defense strategy. Contact Us today to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Colorado defense lawyer.

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